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Dancers and Health Together, Inc. is a Phoenix-based nonprofit organization designed to improve people’s mental and physical health through the language of movement. We strive to present opportunities that develop awareness of the mind and body connection through dance. This mission is achieved through programs for underprivileged students, trained dance workshops, dance and health seminars, programs for children with special needs, Arizona’s Got Dance!, a prom for all juniors and seniors in Phoenix’s special education systems, research, and a documentary.

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Who We Are

Dancers and Health Together, Inc. provides opportunities for the public to better their mental, physical, and emotional health through dance. As a nonprofit, we provide many ways to incorporate dance into the lives of the community and give recognition to all the different styles that are available. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, DAHT Inc. was founded by ASU alumna Mary Lane Porter.


What We Do

We present opportunities that develop awareness of the mind and body connection through dance. DAHT Inc. hosts workshops that include a variety of dance styles, after school programs for children, programs for people with serious and minor health issues, and an annual showcase to give the public a chance to see the many amazing dance opportunities that exist in Arizona.


How to Help

We have introduced thousands of people from all ages, sizes, and abilities to the benefits of connecting the mind and body through dance. All individuals and organizations looking to help the cause can sponsor workshops, take classes, teach during a workshop, participate, donate, or sponsor any of our projects. We’re also open to new ideas to further our mission.

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Zach Robertin in Dance Class

Dance Your Asperger’s Off

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Children and adults with Asperger's Syndrome typically experience difficulty with coordination, sensory awareness and balance. These probably aren't the characteristics you would associate with a professional dancer, but Zachary Robertin pushed through his syndrome in order to perform in competitions, stage productions and paid gigs. Research and studies have proven that...
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